What is this? A self-improvement blog?  A recovery blog? A witchy conjure blog? A Nerd blog?

Sometimes, all of the above; other times none of the above. It largely depends on my mood, what comes to mind, and what made me snarky or what brings me joy on any given day. Because I have a tendency to live as an eccentric recluse and end up in my own little bubble a little too long, this blog serves as a repository for essays, writings, thoughts, observations and adventures.

Topics you’re likely to encounter here are recovery from booze and drugs, mental illness, past escapades, healing, creativity, art, music, spirituality, conjure and magic, pet rescue and whatever else pops up.

A SoCal ex-pat badass transplant, I lived in Central Virginia for over 20 years and transplanted again to Central Oklahoma in 2016. I still say things like, “So”, “Yeah”, “Dude”, “Gnarly” and “Hella”. I still giggle at complaints about “traffic” and long for the beach like an unrequited love.

I genuinely want to make the world a better place. I practice kindness. I am not afraid of the truth which is often not kind. I am loyal, adventurous and surprising. Sometimes even amazing. I make a lot of mistakes. I own them and I learn from them. I swear frequently; copiously when I’m feeling stabbie.

I believe strongly in: DIY, self-determination, empowerment and advocacy, self-employment, creative dreams and doing what you love, and living life instead of just surviving it.

You know, I started all of this to share snark and joy- somewhere I can freely stomp around in my rantipants and spew whatever I wish without worry that, someone will see it and throw a ginormous hissy fit. Fuck that. No one needs that. Especially me.

There will be ranting, rambling, snark, sarcasm and probably, positive stuff, about what it’s like to be in my Birkenstocks because I’m an epic failure at long term pessimism. You’ll find my writings, visual art, services, resumes and histories.

I encourage, value, and welcome feedback, comments, thoughts and opinions. If I’ve invited you here, it’s because I value you. If you have stumbled across this site poking at the Interwebz, hang out. Enjoy.

This is my niche on the Interwebz to record, observe, share, and question. One thing it  will never be is untrue, either in facts or to myself.