I genuinely want to make the world a better place. I practice kindness. I am not afraid of the truth which is often not kind. I am loyal, resourceful, and surprising. Talents: writer, editor, artist, speaker, coach, consultant, longtime F.O.B, disability advocate, and mental health and recovery peer counselor.

I believe strongly in: DIY, self-determination, empowerment and advocacy, self-employment, creative dreams, doing what you love, and living life instead of just surviving it.

I am multi-passionate and possess a superlative, uncanny talent for conjuring stuff in my life and helping others conjure stuff in theirs.

A  spiritual seeker, lover of the Divine in all forms, American folk magic practitioner, healer, omnist, witch, emerging crone- if you need a label beyond, “person”.

I excel at creating something out of nothing or at poking at existing stuff to transform it into something amazing- words, art, even lives. I possess a vast imagination, conviction, integrity, sensitivity, and of course, creativity. I’ve chosen to use those gifts for good rather than evil.

Most of the time.

I left shame along with the worst of my less than ideal childhood behind and took the best of it with me (though for a long time there didn’t seem to be much to be had), and have created a completely new life around my loves:  my partner and sweetheart, my chosen family, and my passions: writing, art, creativity, spirituality, recovery, and healing.

Living in Norman, OK, USA, Krishanna is a writer, editor, visual artist, and insightful mentor. Currently working on her first book, she writes, blogs, and creates at http://www.krishanna.wordpress.com.