My spiritual practice has many labels–conjure woman, witch, healer, seer, intuitive, psychic, medium, oracle, wise woman, worker, reader– and they all amount to the same thing:
I see things, know things, divine things.

I also give readings, play with roots, stones and herbs, connect with and direct universal energies, light candles for everything.

I sometimes brew potions, grind powders, make dolls and consort with those of like mind, familiar ilk and blessed spirit.

I have been known to do lamp work, candle work and container work to sweeten, sour and confuse.

I don’t commune with dead stuff or play with bones and skins much but some of my best friends do. The only thing I sacrifice is time on occasion.

Sometimes everything’s about as clear as mud.

I’ve been assisting people in clearing out the mud between their ears for nearly 30 years.

Setting Lights, Readings & Consultations

There are lots of reasons that a person might want a psychic reading or spiritual work done for them on their behalf.  If you’re here, you have a pretty good idea why. There are just as many reasons for a person to visit a medium as there are mediums to read to for them.

Generally speaking, I see spiritual work or magical working of any kind as a bit of extra focused help and energy on your desired outcome. I can be a conduit, a channel, a connection to tap into a deeper, intuitive part of the Universe for on your behalf. I’ll usually counsel you to take care of things around you and exhaust those resources first. This means doing your footwork and due diligence.

Magick and Conjure can be subtle but powerful, and like the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves.  You want the slick job? You’re going to have to network and  interview. You want the love of your life? You’re  still going to have to go on the date and stay open. You want to rid yourself of the generational curse? You’re going to have roll yor sleeves up and heal the ancestral wounds. You want to win the Lotto? You’re going to have to pick the numbers and buy the ticket.

That said, even if you do the footwork, you’re still going to have to stay focused and keep at it on your own even with  intervention and assistance. Too many people want to bypass the work to get to the goodies on the other side.  It doesn’t work that way. You have to put as much work into it as I do and, sometimes, a wee bit more. This why we often refer to it as ‘work’.

I will provide you with insightful, reliable, honest and  direct counsel, really working to  hear and understand you in the way a good friend would.  I use the power of divination not so much to read a fortune but as an oracle to get a deeper look at what’s going on, seen and unseen. From there,  if you wish to continue, a prescription can range from spiritual baths to “setting lights” or deeper, more complex work.

The work dictates the approach. For some things, especially if time is of the essence or odds are against you, we might need to be more aggressive to turn the tides. In other instances, a gentler hand  may be needed, doing only a small amount of work to keep things on course and balanced.

My specialties are healing and protection work.  I’m not particularly squeamish so I will take on Justice work if it is called for, but it must resonate with me as well. It’s always best to try to solve and heal issues through the most reasonable, safest, and best course first.

What most people want from spiritual work is guidance, validation, encouragement, support and results.

Know that when you reach out, you’ll get something back. Often it won’t be what you expected or what you hoped for. Sometimes, the solution comes in a way you least expected and more. Usually, stuff works out way better than we could ever anticipate, in spite of us. Life  always reaches back when you reach toward it.

Offered Services

Candle work :: Setting of Lights- $25 & up 

Candle work service is a powerful but cost-effective way to get what you desire. I set glass-encased candles (sometimes called 7-Day  or Vigil candles) or single candles dressed with  condition oils and real herbs/minerals, prayed over daily, for maximum effect. I  also take the time to attach your photos and petitions to the candles (if applicable), in order to directly affect your intended situation. Once your candle is done burning I’ll prepare a candle burn report with signs and interpretations from your candle’s burn and deliver it to you through email.

 Reading & Divination – $15 (3 Card) and $25 (Full)

My go to card system is the Lenormand system because I find their direct messages and minimal symbology works best for me but I can use tarot, runes, and oracle cards as well, if necessary.

We’ll take some time to discuss  what you’d like from the reading , especially if you have one or two clarifying questions. If you need a more in-depth reading after receiving your initial one, you can pay for and schedule another one any time.

If you are interested in an initial reading, email me or feel free to fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Currently, initial readings are done via e-mail but often expand into phone consultations if it’s a good fit. After the initial  reading, consultations can be done weekly, monthly or whenever you decide it’s time for another.

Work Consultation- $50  

If your request resonates with me and my intuition agrees, we’ll schedule a  consultation. It will be online so that we can both be in our happy places, completely at ease and comfy while we chat about the nature of your issue and listen to the spirits who want to speak have a say.

Scheduling Services

Currently, I only accept PayPal and services must be pre-paid within 24 hours of the scheduled reading or consultation.

If you are interested in signing up for a reading or spiritual work,  please contact me via email at and using the PayPal menu below. I currently take PayPal payments as I have found this to be the safest and easiest way to do online transactions.

Conversely, fill in the form at the bottom of this page with your request, and I’ll respond with a Paypal link and a question or two.