Tweet @ComcastBill

Disclaimer: I've got my Rantipants on. Coarse language ahead. We were Comcast customers for many, many years- close to 14 years I think. It was not out of any loyalty after a few years though. It was because it was the only game in town.  My issue was rarely with the service itself- that was … Continue reading Tweet @ComcastBill

Don’t Screw It Up For The Rest Of Us

Well, it's the beginning of a new year and I've been choosing among my thoughts before posting. Prudence.Many of the blogs I read are written by moms. Moms of small children, moms of bigger children; moms who write; moms who make things; moms with disabilities and chronic conditions and moms who just love being moms. … Continue reading Don’t Screw It Up For The Rest Of Us

Automaker CEOs Can’t Travel First Class?

Anyone else find this, uhm...preposterous, idiotic, even insulting?  Maybe just a little?If you are going to come to Washington to plead for public $25 billion public dollars maybe you could sell the private jets first? Or at least not use them on your begging junket? Rick Wagoner, CEO of GM, stated that GM wanted to … Continue reading Automaker CEOs Can’t Travel First Class?