Whenever the world in which we live is turned upside down and inside out, wherever there is an open wound in our society or the world goes dark, and knowing all is unknown, the numinous veil between the world and the otherworldly thins. Wherever there is a chink in the armor of our consistencies and sureties; whenever we are forced from our creature comforts, that veil thins. Whenever there is death of something, of outmoded ideas and deep-rooted thought, of old selves and bodies, of a beloved pet, of a loved one, or of lives lived as we knew them, the numinous veil thins.

In this sacred, liminal place, darkness and divinity and their interconnections can come alive in inexplicable ways. The departed come as Sprites, Spirits rap at doors and knock on glass, appeals are made by dog, snake, and owl. In this space, we face our Shadow on our evening walks and Spirits with whom we conversed the night before. In this numinous fracture, the visions and voices of the ancestral and sacred visit and we can learn and relearn the language of nature Herself.

It isn’t only that our inner world has appeared come alive, but we ourselves who have been shoved into new life. If we are fortunate, we’ll find we are the ones waking up, rubbing sleep from our eyes, plucking the fog from our brains- seeing not with the eyes of our mind, but with the eyes of our soul; seeing clearly what has always been- not just what is beyond, and also what is above, below, around, and within.

Now, in these evolutionary times, the veil is thinning. More than ever Elders and Wise Ones are dreaming of ancestors, of Guiding Lights, and of Loved Ones who’ve already moved on coming to help, to guide, to comfort. More than ever the Universe is showing us what is real and true about ourselves and about the world in which live- lifting this veil on all things- lighting the way, the world’s way, forward.

It’s here, in this liminal, numinous space where the veil is thinest, that miracles happen. Not those miracles you could ask for- not the cures or the snake oil- but the genuine miracles that can remind us we belong to a universe far more mysterious, more interwoven, more astounding than we could ever comprehend. These smallish, modest miracles, while they may not always solve all of the misfortunes in our lives they do  allow us to sink into possibility and into the unknown, which can help us to live as deeply, as widely, as creatively and magically as possible. These miracles, that may not always greatly change our circumstances, can and do change souls, hearts and minds. These are the miracles of healing and transformation.

Still no authentic transformation can occur, no death and rebirth are possible, without passing through this dim, in-between place without finding yourself, questioning,  not knowing what will come or where it’s all headed. We learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable because it is precisely in the vulnerability of not knowing that this magic opens to us, that transformation’s potential awaits.

You can let go of the energy you picked up from other people, places, things. Those thoughts, emotions, and feelings you absorbed never actually belonged to you.

That’s why they feel so heavy. They aren’t yours to carry.

Being a sensitive, being a caring soul doesn’t mean it’s your job to process everything from the Collective Universe. Remembering this, can remind you that your own power isn’t necessarily in what you do, but in what and who you are.

Perhaps, the deepest magic is travel within the self. Nevermind the work, the spells, the petitions, the plants, the candles, the jars, the bundles, even the Spirits in this hallowed place. Swimming in your own juices, overcoming the walls and biases in your own mind that keep you from connecting with your soul and others of a like mind,feeling memories in your bones can connect you to the the tides in your blood, the fire in your belly, the wind in your breath, the energy flow in your movements, down to your roots anchoring to the heart of Mother Earth.

Life is magic. Life is hallowed. Life is numinous.