Here’s a confession. Often, I think of my body as an annoyance. It doesn’t look how I’d like it to. It doesn’t cooperate the way it used to. I’ve never been what you could call graceful but my body doesn’t run as fluid or as smooth as it once did. It sputters, coughs, and hiccups for little reason with no warning. It has conditions and issues; too much of one thing, not enough of another. It always hurts. Someplace. Spine, feet head, hips and hands. This creates imbalance in my brain chemistry. I don’t always remember things like I have in times past. My emotions are sometimes mercurial and rampage through my days. The days can seem to run all together, unpunctuated by anything but a trip to this doctor or a visit to that specialist. We don’t seem to get along any more; not even an armed truce.

Perhaps, if I remembered to regard and treat to my body as I would a dear cherished friend, wholly accepting it as it is daily, for all it’s issues and complaints, for the mobility it still gives me, for the profound joy and wonder I can still feel, I could enjoy being in it more often.   Originally appeared on Life in 10 Minutes.