You have to know it is unacceptable for you to talk to me in the way you have and treat me in the way you did.

It is unacceptable for you to treat and speak to my partner as you did.

We asked for your help. You offered help with hidden strings. We said we would help out. We didn’t agree to be servants,farmhands, scapegoats or personal whipping boys.

Judgy. Hypocritical. Fear. Controlling. Mean. Nasty. Manipulative. Lying. Preachy. Hurtful. Passive-Aggressive. Two-faced. Back biting. Self-involved. Delusional. I witnessed them all in your house.

You win. I am finished. I am not up for that particular fight anymore.

toxic6I have never felt I needed to leave anyone’s home, drunk or sober, without a word in order to preserve my sanity and my family’s emotional well-being. Especially when they were helping me.

You don’t tell people you claim to love that its your house and you will behave and say whatever you choose to and that if “you don’t like it, you know where your car is parked”.

The ugly you flung at me and mine, the judgments you made, the lies you spewed is a deja-vu of what I survived as a child and made it through as a young woman.

It shut me down. Completely. Finally.

I didn’t wait around hoping it would get better.

We knew where our car was parked and there was nothing to do but leave. There was nothing more to say; nothing more to do but remove ourselves from the toxicity.

Instead of giving you words to twist and form into justifications for your narcissism, I gave you silence and action. Yet another person leaving your life is what you got. As I heard you say countless times when other people left your life over the years; your sons, your friends, your chosen family,”Oh well its just one less person to deal with”, right?

But I believe what made you the angriest was that we left on our terms, not yours. Our leaving was out of your control. It wasn’t your idea. It happened without further drama to martyr yourself with.

Done. Finished. Nevermore.

We had to go for our own well-being.toxic1

Too much toxicity for me and mine.

You are still so angry and bitter. I hope you know it’s a poison that’s calcifying in your bones more each day, sickening your spirit.

I hope you find happiness and joy.

I won’t be there to see it.

I remain done.