Web Trolls Suck. I Hate Them.


Or How Not To Become A Member of My Altered Art Group

Received today via Yahoo Groups:

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 6:00 PM, <a troll@yahoo.com> wrote:

really disapointed you havent given me any answer about being accepted
or denied membership. It is very rude, and you should just  answer
right away, it isn’t that difficult.  this isnt how to run a group!”

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 7:54 PM, <alteredartistsonline-owner@yahoogroups.com> replied:

“I’m really disappointed that you feel the need to behave like an
asshole without knowing why I haven’t responded. That isn’t how to become a member of the group.

Speaking of rude, perhaps the polite and human thing to have done was
to drop me an e-mail letting me know you were awaiting a response.  You
applied for membership to Altered Artists Online on Feb. 23rd. It is
Mar. 1st today. That is SIX days. Yahoo allows 14 days before
applications for membership expire. Why? Probably because they don’t
assume the world revolves around their ass crack.

People have lives on the other side of your computer. Things happen and
sometimes people forget stuff. Given the way you chose to respond to my
inability to “just answer right away” it appears we are well rid of one
another. I don’t think I could accommodate your schedule or
expectations anyway”.

2 thoughts on “Web Trolls Suck. I Hate Them.

  1. In finally being able to get to my e-mail, I see she sent a note on Saturday night wondering if she was going to be accepted into the group and then she unsubbed herself Sunday evening and sent the shitgram. Ah well. She would have been disappointed by the group too.


  2. Yeah if you haven’t received an acceptance or denial in six days, a normal person would assume that means you’re in line.
    People are stupid & rude.


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