Baby Tazo Gets A New Home

Anyone who knows me, knows Otters are my favorite animals in the world so imagine how happy I was to find this video about a baby northern sea otter named Tazo (named for the tea) and his rescue and recovery.

The video, which was filmed shortly after he arrived at the Alaska SeaLife Center, shows him being bottle fed, and swimming with his new otter pal Kaladi who was also rescued by the center. Finally he is dried and groomed. Lucky otter.

Here’s his chronology:

June 8, 2010. Tazo is found alone, somewhat dehydrated on a beach in Alaska with no mother in sight. He is rescued by two passersby who call the Alaska SeaLife Center Stranded Hotline, which was built with funds from the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

June 9. Tazo arrives at the Center, is examined by the vets, and soon is being bottle fed every two hours.

June 21. When he is not sleeping or eating, Tazo enjoys a box with water, ice, and toys.

June 23. Tazo is now suckling every three hours and weighs 6.6 pounds.

July 14. Tazo is now old enough to swim in a bigger box with another baby otter while still being supervised.

July 27. Once admitted to the Rescue Center an otter cannot be released into the wild because he has become too dependent on humans. With the help of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a new home for Tazo is found at the New York Aquarium, and a trainer is sent to Alaska to prepare Tazo for the journey.

Aug 5. Tazo begins his journey to New York, courtesy of FedEx.

Aug 6. Tazo settles happily into his new New York home and is eating, swimming, diving and grooming well.