“We Really Need…”

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So today was the usual check in appointment with my primary care doctor to check on my  blood sugar, thyroid and whatever other levels she felt needed to be done.

She’s a new doctor, petite and perky,  who likes to use “we” and ‘”our” to refer to stuff that she feels I need to address or am not addressing in the way she would like me to. You know the kind. They talk to you as though you have the terrible twos or a moderate case of Alzheimers: ‘Are we ready to go potty now’?

Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

“Well! Our blood pressure looks great! Are we following our low fat, low cholsterol diet”?

“Kind of. I eat fresh food mostly and keep track of carbs. you know.”

“So how are our glucose levels lately? Are we monitoring them regularly?”

“Of course. I didn’t test this morning though, I was preoccupied”.

“What kind of numbers are we getting”?

“I tested my sugar yesterday afternoon a few hours after lunch and it was 135”.

She paused a  moment here and looked as though she was counting to 10 and continued. “I thought we were talking about fasting sugars. We really ought to test our glucose a few times a day”.

“Oh! Those! They’ve been 100 or lower most mornings unless I eat too late or eat stuff I probably shouldn’t.”

Silence, except for the clicking of the computer keys as she  searches my chart.

“ Your weight…”<pause>” You were 225 the last time you were here and today it’s 212”.

“I thought I’d lost some weight. My jeans are getting kinda loose”.

“We really need to get that weight down, you know. It’s a good start but we really need to work on that so we feel better”.

“Yes, I know. My back’s been better since I lost the other 50”.

“How’s our exercise? Are we doing any’?

“Yes. When my pain levels are lower, I sometimes walk but not much lately”.

“Well if we could exercise more, it would help to keep pushing that weight down”.

I looked at her thoughtfully and toyed with asking her about “our periods” but  instead I asked this:

“Do we ever wonder how many fat people don’t come to see doctors as soon as they might if they weren’t shamed about being fat”?

She looked at me blankly a moment and then said, “ I’ve never thought of it that way.”

“Something to consider, “ I nodded solemnly.

I was out of there and heading to the lab for bloodwork in less than 10 minutes even though she didn’t quiz me on my thyroid levels.

2 thoughts on ““We Really Need…”

  1. Do we ever wonder how many fat people don’t come to see doctors as soon as they might if they weren’t shamed about being fat”?
    Very interesting..


  2. He! I hate that third person BS. My husband does it once in awhile such as, “have we found the XXXX yet”? I’ll say, I don’t know about “we”, but I don’t use it, so I haven’t even been looking, Your Majesty.” LOL


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